Happy Anniversary PMandD

My Etsy shop, PMandD, has officially been open for one year. Since that time I have sold 72 prosthetics online, in 17 states, and 5 countries, including USA, Canada, France, Ireland and Australia, 105 people have "hearted" my shop, 15 of my items have been apart of an Etsy Treasury, 5,590 people have visited my shop, viewing individual items 16,927 times, from all 7 continents. Even Antarctica had 4 visits. And the number one keyword to find my shop was "Armadillo Shoes"...odd.
I want to thank all of my models who made this possible: Sherae Ann Honeycutt, Pamela Rosen, Eric Jepsen, Hali Harlow, Molly Gazay, Lia Metz,  Mikey Mann and Kevin Calderon. Thank you all. Looking forward to another successful year. 
And in celebration of my shop's one year anniversary orders will receive a 10% discount until June 14, 12:00 am (PST). Use offer code ANNIVERSARY upon checkout.


  1. Congratulations Kendra! Haven't dropped by for a bit and have got to say you've got some fantastic shots of your work. The new gills look amazing! Hope you're doing well.