It Never Hurts to Ask

I first discovered Costumes on Haight when I was purchasing a wig for “Into the Woods.”  Looking around the shop I noticed costumes that would coordinate with my little animal prosthetics...and figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they would be interested in carrying them.  Having just come from Kryolan to show Kat my new Kitty prosthetic, I happen to have the little guy in my I ran out to get it.  Luckily the owner of the store, Chuck, was in the store, and was impressed by the feathered edge (which is achieved by layering each coat of latex individually) while still maintaining a rigid, yet flexible shape.  This effect came with much trial and error, and so far my best option has been to soak cotton bandages in latex and lay them into the mold.  Even as I type...the faint hum of a hair drying can be heard from my bathroom as I wait for the layers to dry.  I am continuing testing new, hopefully less time consuming, methods to produce these little guys...unfortunately, most attempts have been duds.  Se la vie.  
So the moral of this never hurts to ask.


  1. So are they going to carry your line too?

  2. They were actually the first to purchase my prosthetics...which I sold on Saturday.