Check out the Newest Items in my Etsy Shop

So I've added my newest prosthetics to my Etsy shop. "The Little Monster" inspired by Lady Gaga's, "Born this Way," on sale for $20.00.  I will be posting the shoulder pieces at a later date...but will keep you posted when that will be.  

I have also posted my Panda Bear for $25.00, and will donate 20% of my proceeds from every purchase of my Panda Bear to the American Red Cross to help the efforts of the Japan Disaster Relief.

One more point of interest...I never want to pooh-pooh my theatrical roots, but in order to broaden my clientele base I decided to update many of the photos of my current prosthetic lines.  So here's the first of the bunch.  It's kind of amazing the difference a picture looking at my stats, the "Young Girl" nose easily had 3 times as many hits as my "Female" nose and the only reason I could attest to was the photo itself and had nothing to do with my product.  So here's the new and improved photo, with actress Lia Metz.  Very Joan Crawford wouldn't you say?  I think it's the lips.  Enjoy.


  1. Those are great! You're so creative!!!

  2. Aww thank you, I'm glad you enjoy them.