"The Little Monsters" completed look

So as promised here are April's prosthetics...the "Little Monster" extended family. I have two different sets of forehead, cheekbone and shoulder pieces that can be mixed and matched depending on your preference. My first set sold like hot cakes...thanks to Lady Gaga's concert tour...11 sold and over 900 viewings. I was literally in the post office what seemed like every other day. There's a bit of a lull now, but hoping it will pick up again for Halloween. So here are the shots with Molly Gazay and Kevin Calderon. I wanted to show that the prosthetics can be worn by both males and females.  I only wish I had the same shoulder pieces on both sides of the model's shoulders. Sa la vie. Enjoy.


  1. Hi, I'm a drag queen/Lady Gaga impersonator down in Miami, and I made myself some of these facial horns using liquid latex. I was wondering what you used to get the shape so perfect and the edges so sharp? I would really like to remake mine, since they're no where near as great as yours are. If this information is a secret, I completely understand :) Thanks in advance. If you'd like to email me you can at rsubh001@fiu.edu

  2. Check out The Grinch Sculpt for a more detailed description of the sculpting process http://prostheticsbykendra.blogspot.com/2010/07/grinch-sculpt.html