I Can't Sleep

So it's a little past 3 AM here in California, we've had our first sign of winter's end, and I can't sleep...maybe it's the heat, or the fact that too many thoughts are rolling around in my head.  Either way I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to update my blog.  Not only will it settle my mind, but hopefully tire me out a bit.
So if you've been following my blog my focus for the last three months has been my New Year's Resolution...which was to design, sculpt and complete two prosthetics a month...which was then downsized to one prosthetic a month.  
January, The Little Piggy...
February, The Panda Bear...
and now March...
I know I announced March to be a Lamb, but all that changed when I received a custom order via Etsy to sculpt horns inspired by Lady Gaga's "Born this Way."  So now March's official prosthetic is The Little Monster.  Since these little guys were officially open to the Etsy community on March 23, The Little Monster has been viewed 416 times and has been purchased by 7 people...funny thing is I can actually follow Lady Gaga's concert tour based upon where the prosthetics are being purchased.  Needless to say I've been a bit busy compiling orders.  And yes...if you're wondering the shoulder pieces will be April's prosthetic (with the Lamb on the back burner.)
Aside from that...my parents have been doing some spring cleaning and came across molds that I had done back in college.  I only wish I had taken them with me when I was last there...mind you they're only one city down, but I'm a very impulsive person...and well let's just say I wish I had them now.  My ideas for what I'm going to do with these is what's keeping me up...you'll see why in a future post.  
So the time is now 3:67...I should try to head back to bed.
(Oops the time was 3:57...wow I was tired.

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