The Piggy Sculpt

I haven't forgotten my New Year's Resolution...just been a bit busy.  So here is a sneak peak (and a rough one at that) of the little piggy nose.
The nostrils still need to be carved out...but otherwise this is the basic shape.  As a note: the actual size is quite smaller than what appears in the photo.  What can I say that camera ands on ten pounds.
At some point I want to sculpt a boar nose to accompany this petite piggy nose.  So you "Ham love'n" couples out there...this one's for you.

So onto the "Winter Greenman Mask."  I know my goal was to design, sculpt and complete two prosthetics a month...let me tell you taking on a prosthetic and a mask was a bit ambitious, especially since a mask takes at least 10 days to set up.  So i will cheat a bit and sculpt the mask in January, but complete the mast in February.  

Some of the elements that will be included are holly berries and leaves, pine branches and a spider (borrowed from a folk legend from Germany and the Ukraine, The Legend of the Christmas Spider.  I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of spiders...despite knowing what good creatures they are...but needless to say research has been a bit rocky.  

Well hope the new year is off to great start for everyone out there.  
More to come.

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