What a Difference a Nose Makes

The sculpting process is pretty much the same from sculpt to sculpt...so to keep the redundancy to a minimum, I wanted to focus on my thought process as I sculpted.  So if you are interested in reading a more detailed description of the actual construction process I suggest you read The Grinch Sculpt.  Otherwise, enjoy.

While sculpting the panda nose I realized that the basic shape is actually quite similar to that of the Grinch sculpt.  And actually, I find a lot of my sculpts have a very similar quality.  But I guess everyone needs a "signature" look.  Right? 

And similarly to the Grinch it's amazing what a difference a nose makes for the character of the prosthetic...even if it's only two pieces of rolled up clay.

I discovered pandas have a very interestingly shaped face...that curiously resembles that of a wild cat.  I would have otherwise overlooked this had I not been studying their facial structure so closely.  They have a large, flat snout, a poochy muzzle and squat "T" shaped nose.  Unlike their brothers, such as the grizzly and the polar who have long, square snouts and boxy noses.

But, the panda's signature...aside from its tuxedo coat...is its indelible smile.  A quality the neither the grizzle, the polar or the wild cat possess.  And in my honest opinion is the sole characteristic that gives the panda bear its special charm and gained its worldwide popularity.

And don't worry...it's still a work in progress.  There's more to come.

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