Halloween Aftermath

I hope everyone had an amazing (and safe) Halloween.  It was definitely crazy for me, though looking back...despite the craziness...I had a blast and met a ton of really great people.  Now that have some time to myself to relax...finally...and figured what better a way than to update my blog.
I wanted to personally thank all of you folks out there who purchased my prosthetics whether online from my Etsy store or from Costumes on Haight .  Hope they were a great success and I'm looking forward to seeing your finished looks.
I will eventually concur the disaster that I call my apartment...with fabric strewed about, shipping boxes piled precariously in hall, neglected paint trays, dinning room floor carpeted with a fine layer of mask shavings , scattered prosthetic molds...well you get the picture.  Time to get (re) organized.
But even after all this, I'm still really looking forward to next year's Halloween.  And I should be a little bit more prepared than I had been this year (well at least I say this now).  I have to admit I feel like I'm in the scene from Elf, where directly after completing that year's Christmas toys the elves immediately start preparing for the next year's Christmas inventory.
So prosthetic enthusiasts, look forward to new designs coming in the (not sure how near) future...a teddy bear, panda bear and piggies.  I would also be happy to take any other suggestions...feel free to leave your ideas below.

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