My First Line of Prosthetics

Take a sneak peak at my first line of animal prosthetics that I am very excited to launch this June.  
I have to thank the production of "Alice in Wonderland" for giving me creative freedom when creating the March Hare and White Rabbit prosthetics. These little creatures opened up a door, sending me down a path that I would have never considered, and therefore becoming a pivotal moment in my career as a prosthetic makeup artist. 
I was purchasing Aquacolor...awesome product by the way and I will have to write a future post as to why Aquacolor is so amazing...anyway...I was purchasing Aquacolor at Kryolan Professional Makeup in San Francisco and happened to have photos of my prosthetics as the way I have learned, never leave home without an example of my work, because I never know who I'll meet. Kat,(the amazing store clerk at Kryolan)was assisting me when we struck up a conversation about my work and prosthetic makeup, which lead to her to asking me if I can sculpt other animals...naturally I said "yes..." even though I never had. Apparently many people have come into the store requesting kitty noses only to be told that they don't carry this is where my story begins...
In my spare time between "Alice" and "Into the Woods" I sculpted, casted, poured and painted away.  The Kitty and Bunny are the first mini "generic" prosthetics that will be available for purchasing. More information to come later. Hope you enjoy.
Sherae Ann Honeycutt
liquid latex, pros-aide adhesive, aquacolor, mac blush
The Kitty

The Bunny

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